Pattern making is the creative process of taking a sketch, creating a draft and manipulate the shape to represent the initial design that fits the body. It requires technical expertise, knowledge, experience, and accuracy.

With all patterns comes a specification sheet which is an integral part of the manufacturing process. Specification sheets provide your manufacturer with a detailed set of instructions to follow in the production of your garments. These instructions will include measurements for every size, construction details for sewing and production and an illustration of the garment.

Experience is paramount because a pattern form is the foundation of your design. I have been in the industry for many years as a Pattern maker/designer and I can contribute in both areas but my specialty is pattern making which fits like a glove.

We can create a perfect fit with extensive experience in all facets of the fashion industry, you can feel confident that your patterns are created with accurately and professionally to save you money and time.

All patterns are created on the latest Gerber’s AccuMark PDS software and accompanying this are the specification, make and design sheets as well as a technically detailed sketch with full garment construction details.

If you already have designs/trade sketches/images and a sample this will help me and save you time in the patternmaking process.Patterns can be provided to you in a paper plot form or as a ASTM (*.dxf), AAMA (*.dxf), ASTM/AAMA Rule Table (*.rul), Standard DXL (*.dxf)and IGES (*.igs) format.

CAD drafted digital patterns are created by using the latest Gerber Technologies AccuMark System PDS software.

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